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Please read and accept before completing the order
1 The sale of goods is governed by the "Conditions of Sale" on this page.
1.1 The company "SymacShop", carries out its e-commerce activities via the website selling online www.symacshop.it, from now on "e-commerce", and addresses the "final consumer." Currently the SymacShop provides for the delivery of items purchased on www.symacshop.it exclusively on the Italian and European territory.
1.2 "Final consumer" means any natural / legal person who buys goods from the above site: www.symacshop.it.
1.3 Seller may modify or amend these "Terms of Sale" at any time. Therefore the customer will be required to accept the "General Conditions of Sale" at the time of purchase.
1.4 The End user must carefully read the "General Conditions of Sale" accessible through the links provided on www.symacshop.it.
2. Purchase.
2.1 Product Datasheet: each product is represented by a photograph and is accompanied by a "product sheet" containing: a) a general description; b) availability, ie potentially affordable product; c) price.
2.1.1 General description: it is a short description that reports some characteristics of the product.
2.1.2 Price: the price shown in the product is the price including VAT established for e-commerce. The Seller reserves the right to change prices at any time and without notice. They will be charged to the customer prices present for the "Order Confirmation."
2.1.3 Photo: despite the photos on the site are made with care, it is possible that the photograph does not faithfully represent the product. As a result, the Seller shall not be responsible for any inappropriate graphical representations of the products shown on e-commerce. The photo is to be considered only as an example.
2.2 Product Selection and construction of the shopping cart: product selection is done through the choice of the product and a subsequent click on the button "Add to cart". The "Shopping" may contain one or more products and can be changed at any time before the "Order Confirmation".
2.3 Confirmation of the order: the order confirmation will be made after acceptance of the "General Conditions of Sale" and the inclusion of information that are essential to the taking over and delivery of the goods listed in the "Order Confirmation" , ie the list of products in the cart, including shipping expenses if required.

Clicking on the "COMPLETE ORDER" button and finalizing the online purchase, you agree to buy the products in the cart, taking a binding commitment.
2.4 Method of payment: before accepting the order the customer will have to choose one of the following methods of payment on e-commerce: a) PayPal; b) Bank; c) Postepay.

a) Pay Pal: If the selection of Pay Pal, the Customer must follow the procedures applicable to the Pay Pal site.

b) Bank transfer: in case of selection of bank transfer the customer must make a transfer to the bank account that is within e-commerce. Proof of payment is given dall'avvenuto crediting the transfer amount on the current account of the Seller.

c) Postepay: By choosing this mode, the payment is made through a charge to the Postepay card indicated in the order confirmation email.

2.5 Acceptance of the order: the Seller reserves the right to refuse an order if the Customer has not complied with the purchasing procedure or has not accepted the Conditions of Sale or does not provide all the data required for shipping and billing or otherwise if payment has not been successful. This can happen even when selecting the bank transfer option, the amount is not credited within seven (7) business days from the date of order confirmation to the account of the Seller or when following the selection of the PayPal method, the 'accreditation is not done properly on behalf of the Seller. The total amount includes the sum of sales prices and transport costs due if provided on e-commerce.
The order will be refused by the Seller if there are disputes between the Seller and the Customer. The order can be rejected for any other legitimate reason.
2.6 Acceptance of the order: the Customer, as per Article 2.3, accept your order by sending the "Confirmation of order" to the Seller electronically. The "Confirmation of order" is evidence of the order by the customer, including these "Terms of Sale".
2.7 The "Order confirmation" will be stored in our data bank for the period of time required to process your order and as provided by law.
2.8 The language available for concluding the contract with the Seller is Italian.
3 Taking charge of the order and availability of products.
3.1 After the contract, the Vendor will process the purchase order.
3.2 Availability: if the products displayed on e-commerce are no longer available for sale at the time of last access to e-commerce or sending of the "Order confirmation", the Seller will promptly, and in any case no later than seven (7) days from the day following that on which the Customer has sent the order to the Seller, the unavailability of the ordered products and the timing of the new availability. In case of confirmation of order and payment made of the amount, the seller will refund the amount already anticipated if the customer did not want to wait for the next availability.
3.3 By submitting the "Order Confirmation" the Customer declares to know and accept the "General Conditions of Sale" and the additional information contained in www.symacshop.it.
3.4 After the contract the Seller will send to the customer by e-mail, a receipt of the purchase order, containing a summary of the information specified in the "Confirmation of order".